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Back Cover No Figures V2_edited.jpg


Beth Mac - Part One

Whether it's the battlefield or the football field, Beth Mac is relentless.

Adored as much as she's feared, Corporal Elizabeth Mackenzie is nothing short of a full-blown enigma.  Once awarded the Medal of Honour for her bold and arguably reckless efforts as a soldier, she eventually finds herself inching toward a different type of pedestal — one at Saint Judah's College.

With her eyes on the prize, she's on a mission to take the captaincy, whatever the cost.  And one by one her competition violently fall.

Luckily, for Beth Mac, a doting boyfriend and a band of followers are far too easily manipulated for her to have to get her hands dirty.  The school has its bets on the Grim Reaper being responsible.  After all, that's who carried out the murderous rampage at the school just the year before.

Full of all your classic sorority debauchery, Part One will take you on a journey of mysterious happenings with a down-under twist and a whole lot of slaughter.  Bloody, witty and outrageously mad, it's Macbeth like you've never seen it before.

Who knew football could be so deadly?

"Couldn't put it down.  This witty, modern-day twist on the real Macbeth will have you unable to put it down!  Only bad thing is that I'm left waiting for Part 2 to come out and can't read it right away."


Amazon Customer

Back Cover No Figures V2_edited.jpg

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Dating Men - Series One.jpg
Dating Men - Series One

The dating world is hard enough but for Ryan and Audrey, it’s near impossible!

While Ryan is looking for Mr. Right and avoiding being outed to his best mate, Audrey struggles to escape her horny new colleagues and discovers the culture of harassment and sexual exploitation stems from the very top!

When your workplace is a cesspit for wildly inappropriate relations and harassment claims, will Ryan and Audrey ever find love?

The odds are stacked against them in their painfully hilarious search for the man of their dreams.

"This book is fabulous. There is some very witty humor layered throughout and I adored the main characters. I wish I could work in an office like this. Give it a read, you won’t regret it!"


Amazon Customer

"What a read!!  I'm always looking for books that take you on a journey and this did exactly that.  I absolutely loved the excruciating comedy of the characters as they go on their quest to find love - it's totally cringeworthy, but equally as entertaining to follow.

"If you've ever thought your office space was a hard one to work in, this will definitely make you feel less like complaining!  There's so many twists and turns, and I was either kept on the edge of my seat or in tears from laughing at every chapter.

"I noticed a few personalities that are very much reflected in the real world but in a uniquely creative way.  Couldn't put it down!"


Amazon Customer

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Works in

The Great Emu War
of 1932

The Great Emu War of Australia sounds like a joke but it was real! Back in 1932 emus were causing chaos in the Western Australian district of Campion.

In order to solve this problem, the military were sent to the region with machine guns!

This is not simply a story of overkill - only 3 soldiers were sent.  This is a story about a State on the verge of seceding from the nation, keen to shirk its jurisdictional responsibilities to ridicule the Federation; a Federal Government keen to show off its power for the People; and a single Minister who presided over the nation's defence during a World War but caught in the middle of this bird-shooting farce.

Any wrong move, any failure, and the Minister would not only be looking for a new job, but will have handed a State the reason they were looking for to leave the Commonwealth on a golden platter.


When We Fell At Bullecourt

When Australia fought in the Great War, 4 Divisions were brought to the edge of the Hindenburg Line at the town of Bullecourt.  There, several thousand were killed or wounded across two battles and, against all odds, they held off the German forces from taking back what was conquered.


Laddie of the Motherwell District


Based on 1865 novella by Nikolai Leskov, 'Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District', Laddie goes from nobody to somebody when the university student president takes him in.  But when he falls for her ex, he takes knife to throat to prevent himself from homelessness and any descent from his acquired privileges.


Back Cover No Figures V2_edited.jpg


Beth Mac - Part Two

The saga continues as the town surrounding Saint Judah’s College falls victim to another tirade of horrendously gruesome deaths at the hands of the Grim Reaper. At least, that’s who everyone assumes is the culprit.

As the newly crowned captain of the college football team, Elizabeth Mackenzie is hell-bent on holding power no matter who or what stands in her way. The biggest challenge of all is keeping her cards close to her chest as suspicions arise around her role in the carnage.

With an undying commitment to his lover, Laddie finds himself battling some serious demons. The ghosts of lost souls act as a haunting reminder of the sacrifices he has made for Beth Mac.

Meanwhile, the deputy sheriff is on a wild goose chase across Canada in an effort to track down two key players that ran for the hills after the coach of the infamous football team threw in the towel. A string of murders will do that to a person.

As for the rest of the students, there’s no subtlety in their approach to staying alive. At this point, it’s kill or be killed. People are dropping off like flies and it’s only a matter of time before they’re next.

As Beth Mac’s temper gets shorter and her tongue harder to hold, the eyes of her enemies are closing in on her. But will justice prevail, or can she pull it altogether in the final moments?

It’s Shakespeare on steroids!

Who knew football could be so deadly?

"Part Two even better!  Part One of Beth Mac was great, so I didn't think Part Two could get much better, but it blew me away.  Characters are crazier than ever, the plot is superb and it makes for a very fun read.

"PS, definitely read Part One first, you won't be disappointed."


Amazon Customer

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Dating Men - Series Two.jpg
Dating Men - Series Two

The dating world is hard enough but for Ryan and Audrey, it’s absurder by the day!

Finding love is a never-ending battle for colleagues Audrey and Ryan. Between herding vermin, chasing ducks, hiding children, subduing protestors and running from zombies, their lies to impress their dates spiral out of control.

With the company’s money being drained, bankruptcy looming, and an Ethics Committee threatening layoffs, it’s never just ‘another day at the office’ at the Productions House.

Will the determined Inspector and his committee end the establishment once and for all, or will the pursuit of love overcome the odds?

"I was lucky enough to pick up Dating Men Series One, and I must admit, I took my time reding it because I didn't want it to end!  When I saw the second book come out, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. 

"Just as entertaining and surprise-inducing as the first.  When I thought the plot couldn't thicken anymore, I was so wrong... 

"Plenty to wince and laugh at as if you were right there in the room with the numerous quirky characters.  Not that I would want to be!! 

"Such an eclectic mix of elements to this book but the Productions House remains a beautifully designed mess throughout the story.  A must-read."


Amazon Customer

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Aussie Vampires - Darren Mark Wright - DMW Productions Australia
An Australian WerePanda in London

A LOVE STORY TO TRANSFORM THE 21ST CENTURY. Cody and his best mate, Scott, give up their days working in Australia for a working visa in the UK. However, their trip turns to hell during a stopover in China when Cody is injured by a giant panda. It doesn’t take long after settling into their work at a London bar that Cody starts to experience transformations at the worst possible moments. But not only does he have to contend with Chinese officials who have come to claim him as now belonging to the Peoples’ Republic, every hectic scenario is drawing him closer and closer to Scott like never before leading him to question whether the ‘closet’ should be left behind for good. BECOME YOURSELF AFTER BECOMING SOMETHING ELSE.

The Draw of Allyson Jones

After a first date with the debonair Henry White is cut short, school teacher Allyson Jones’ world is turned upside down. Apologising for the premature end to a wonderful night of dinner, music and a romantic waltz in the street, Henry presents an unusual gift; a lottery ticket. As a single mother in a small apartment struggling on a teacher’s salary, Allyson is over the moon when she subsequently wins a life-changing $150 million. However, when everything is stolen from her soon after, she quickly realises Henry isn’t the man she thought she knew. Now, Allyson is embroiled in the centre of his world of crime with the Federal Police hot on her high heels.

The Real Mystery of Jack the Ripper

In 1888, a killer roams the East End London streets strangling, stabbing, slashing and mutilating his victims. Despite the best efforts of D.I. Edmund Reid and D.C. Walter Dew, the elusive criminal remains at large. After 12 years hunting a ghost, Dew calls upon Captain Arthur Hughes to track down the psychopath, but with one condition; to keep his incredulous subordinate out of the case. Despite the order, Hughes enlists the absurd, womanising drunkard Lieutenant Davis, though with one further dilemma; in one week, the unruly duo will be sent to the front lines of the developing war in southern Africa. With limited time and resources, they must rely on Davis' unusual and imaginative methods of recreating the crime scenes to SOLVE THE UNSOLVABLE MURDERS.

Aussie Vampires

While on a blokes camping trip, mates Gazza, Mick and Damo stumble across a coffin washed up on the shoreline, startling a vampire warrior laying dormant within. Upon returning home, they find their bodies changing, their reflection disappearing and even the odd beheading now can’t bring them down. Having mistakenly placed the ‘vampire’s curse’ upon the boys, the Warrior provides an ultimatum; take their own lives or he will. Meanwhile, having learned of the Warrior’s return, The Order has begun amassing an army hell bent on slaying this new wave of vampires before the curse becomes endemic. The boys might have a plan, if only they can rein in Gazza’s nephew, Steve, who’s eager for some juvenile vampiric fun!

Legend of the Pioneers

Having signed up for a youth sailing adventure from Melbourne to Sydney on the HMAS Bark Young Pioneer, Alex and Evan receive more than what they bargained for when their ship is hijacked and its passengers taken hostage. With the crew oppressed and itching for rebellion, Evan intervenes, desperate to avoid any bloodshed. Moving to diffuse a looming mutiny against the armed marauders, he urges the crew to submit to all demands as a means to get everyone safely to Sydney. Meanwhile, having fled to a remote island, crewmates, Marty and Nathan, are forced to evade capture from their pursuers.Isolated, fearful and knowing submission would mean certain death, they must bloody their innocent hands if they are to survive — it’s kill or be killed!

Legend of the Regatta

Four years after the HMAS Young Pioneer met its disastrous conclusion in Sydney Harbour, the ship has been rebuilt and ready to sail in the International Regatta bound from Australia to New Zealand, but upon arriving in Auckland, disaster strikes again. Colin, the only survivor to the destruction of the seven tall ships, retells the tale of how they came to their perilous end. However, while we had come to think of him as the protagonist actively trying to save the ships’ crews, it’s not long into his re-telling that he admits to executing one of his own, and for what purpose? As Detective Harper listens in, he concludes Colin is not a victim, but a perpetrator, begging the question: How could any of them have survived when the hero was more dangerous than the enemy?

Legend of the Strait

100 marooned on an island, finding water is the least of their problems. The Legend of the Pioneers told the tale of how 27 youth crew fought for their survival against hijackers aboard the Young Pioneer, sailing from Melbourne to Sydney through the Tasmanian Islands. Now comes the legend of another ship, the Jayakarta, which had sailed with the hijackers before they pursued the youth but ran aground leaving its hundred passengers stranded. A fortnight later, only two remained, and when one executed the other in front of a rescue helicopter, Maxwell Winter became a hot topic for the reporter, Dominic O’Connell, to pursue for a scoop. The story he narrates of the wreckage of the Jayakarta is a tale of increasing horror as one after another, the crew of the ship are eliminated by a group of subversive mutineers determined to outlive them all.

St. Patrick's Church - Series One

Danny and his brother, Sam, move to the suburb of St. Patrick. Although they have ties with the local church, it is a group of so-called rogues at the local pub who really help them change their views and beliefs about the church.

This band of misfits trespass on Parliament property, get fired from their jobs as mall Santas, let loose wild animals at the zoo, and streak at the city's Christmas pageant, putting them either in trouble with the law or at the forefront of exploring Christianity's deepest questions.

These rogues make Danny and Sam consider whether the church and the pub, as well as the communion cup and the beer mug are interchangeable concepts.

St. Patrick's Church is a thought-provoking theological book in narrative form. It brings up conversation about Christian community, eschatology, denominationalism, and inter-faith dialogue and tolerance.

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