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What was the first book you ever wrote?

The first story I ever completed was Legend of the Pioneers. Back in 2008, I sailed on the HMAS Young Endeavour as part of the youth crew. It inspired a modern-day piratey type story, and so after the adventure in April, I wrote the book. Though, I actually wrote it as a screenplay to begin with.

Technically, the first book I ever wrote was St. Patrick's Church Series One (then 'Part One' when I first created it and planned how the story would move forward). I completed my Bachelor of Ministry and Theology at the end of 2009 and had no idea what I was going to do with the degree. At this point, I already had a job I loved. Study was out of interest, boredom, and an excuse not to get bogged down in full-time work. So, what to do with 4 years of full-time study? I know! Write another book! But this time incorporate the technical sides of theology and break it down for the non-academically minded.

I wrote St. Patrick's Church across the course of the summer and had it completed before autumn set in. The book was short, but that was the intention. I wanted my 'never-read-anything-bigger-than-a-pub-menu' mates to read it. And they did. Most of them had never completed a book in their lives. These boys finished it in days. Two of them in a single sitting! This is the primary reason why my novels have remained on the short side. It keeps book-haters interested. Though, with the passing of time, my books are getting longer and longer. I'm here to tell a story, and I'll keep writing until it's done. Once I had St. Patrick's Church was published, I returned to Legend of the Pioneers and developed the screenplay into a novel.


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