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D. M. Wright

Born and bred in Adelaide, South Australia, D. M. Wright has been conjuring up an eclectic mix of film-style novels and plays for as long as he can remember. When he first decided to put pen to paper and bring his ideations to life, he made it his mission to create a set of works that would leave even the most avid book adversary struggling to put them down. It all began after joining a sailing programme on the Youth Endeavour. From there, his first adventure story started brewing — and the rest is history.

There are no limits to the depth and breadth of his stories, many of which are derived from the plots of some of the greatest literature in history, as well as from his own life experiences. From tales of a shipwreck where it’s every man for himself, to a date that leaves a woman running with $150 million she never asked for, he adds a distinctive Australian voice to a whole host of internationally renowned reads.

When Wright isn’t navigating the pits of his imagination, you’ll often find him working as a support worker for homeless teens and the elderly. When not working, he’s renovating his house or taking sunny rides on his motorcycle through the picturesque Adelaide Hills.

D. M. Wright is a recipient of the inaugural City of Charles Sturt Arts, Music and Dance Award for his contribution to literature, and was awarded third place for his captivating narrative, St. Patrick's Church - Series Two, in the national Young Australian Christian Writer Awards.

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What was the first book you ever wrote?

The first story I ever completed was Legend of the Pioneers.  Back in 2008, I sailed on the HMAS Young Endeavour as part of the youth crew.  It inspired a modern-day piratey type story, and so after the adventure in April, I wrote the book.  Though, I actually wrote it as a screenplay to begin with.

Technically, the first book I ever wrote was St. Patrick's Church Series One (then 'Part One' when I first created it and planned how the story would move forward).  I completed my Bachelor of Ministry and Theology at the end of 2009 and had no idea what I was going to do with the degree.  At this point, I already had a job I loved.  Study was out of interest, boredom, and an excuse not to get bogged down in full-time work.  So, what to do with 4 years of full-time study?  I know!  Write another book!  But this time incorporate the technical sides of theology and break it down for the non-academically minded.

I wrote St. Patrick's Church across the course of the summer and had it completed before autumn set in.  The book was short, but that was the intention.  I wanted my 'never-read-anything-bigger-than-a-pub-menu' mates to read it.  And they did.  Most of them had never completed a book in their lives.  These boys finished it in days.  Two of them in a single sitting!  This is the primary reason why my novels have remained on the short side.  It keeps book-haters interested.  Though, with the passing of time, my books are getting longer and longer.  I'm here to tell a story, and I'll keep writing until it's done.  Once I had St. Patrick's Church was published, I returned to Legend of the Pioneers and developed the screenplay into a novel.

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Have any other questions?

If you've a question you're dying to ask, send one through on the Contact page, and we'll see what we can do.

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How often do you work on your books?

I aim to get to the laptop at least once a day.  Some days I'm working on editing, others writing.  I might play around with book cover concepts sitting on the couch binging TV.  If I'm writing, I try to get in a good 2, 3, 4-hour session a day.  I don't work to word count goals per day.  I just write until I'm buggered or run out of time.  In a good week, I might be able to write 5-10,000 words.  Other times, life gets in the way, or some scenes simply require more time to work through.

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