Dating Men - Series Two

EPISODE #5 - Ryan and Audrey end up dating the same man, all while Audrey steals the shoes off an evil dwarf, Ryan has to deal with bullies, and the Inspector hires a Rent-A-Crowd to jeer at the building.

EPISODE #6 - Ryan learns that dick pics can get him a boyfriend and Audrey sends a revenge vag pic to her new man; all while everyone flees the Evaluators who are checking up on everyone's work.

EPISODE #7 - Audrey dates the Regional Manager and Ryan convinces his new date that he not only likes kids but has them; all while swarms of zombified adults flock to stare at a cute children's tour group.

EPISODE #8 - The 'End of Financial Yeah' is on and the building goes into party mode. The repercussions, however, is that the Inspector returns and forces all to pass an infection test to keep their jobs.