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Urgent appeal: Support for homeless needed by June 30th

Dear Readers, The last few days of this financial year are upon us and almost everywhere you look, a store is having a sale. But 30 June is not just an important date for retailers. For Mission Australia, it's our last opportunity to receive the vital funds we need to purchase the urgently needed emergency essentials to help homeless Australian families through winter.

I’m so grateful for your generosity, which is critical to families experiencing homelessness. You recently made a huge difference to Amy* and her young family who had fled a violent home and were living in their car. Thanks to you, Mission Australia was able to help the family get back on their feet. Without your support, we would struggle to provide the programs and services that transform the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in our society. Unfortunately, there are still many families who are homeless, cold and have nowhere to go this winter. Will you help Mission Australia continue the fight against homelessness?

There is still time to make a donation, and if you donate by 30 June, you can claim it in this year's tax return. Every dollar you can spare today will change lives. Help us make a difference – donate now. With gratitude, Catherine Yeomans CEO, Mission Australia

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