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DMW giving it all away!

Dear readers!

It is with my greatest of pleasure to announce to you all that I don't give too hoots about my own profits. That's right; you heard me.

What I do care about, though, are those who are not as well off as those of us who can afford to use the internet to read blogs from the comfort of their own home, or on the swivel chair as we procrastinate proper work while at our places of employment. That's right; I care about the homeless. And as such, I have registered to run the 42 kilometres in the New York Marathon to raise $10,000 for Mission Australia ( in November this year.

Furthermore, I have every intention of providing 100% of all DMW Productions Australia's 2016 profits to go straight towards the fundraising target.

So what does that mean?

You can donate towards this cause by heading to


You can buy any book or play from DMW Productions Australia ( or on Amazon ( before October 2016 and all of our profits will be donated too.

You can think of it more this way... when you make a purchase, it's like you've made a donation and you've scored a free thank you novel.

Either way.

Thanks for reading!

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