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Am I an idiot?

So a happy Australia Day to you and in so doing I bring news that I have applied to do something completely ridiculous as running a marathon at the end of the year.

And not only is it just a marathon, but the big one (not that it'll be longer than the required 42ish kilometres), rather it's the most famous and most important one for all runners... the New York Marathon (if only it was the Olympics).

Somehow I have agreed to do this crazy run in order to raise funds for one of my favourite charities... MISSION AUSTRALIA ( And raising 10 grand at that!

I'm going to be hitting the street from Staten Island to Manhatten, finishing in Central Park and in theory doing it along with 4 other runners that haven't yet applied (hmm...). Together we'll bring $50,000 to serving the homeless in Australia, and those most at risk of becoming homeless.

Good luck, I say to myself, as I've never run (I say run, when I really mean jogged slowly) farther than 10km in one go with random stops across that distance... so 42km without any breaks and doing so in about 4 hours is going to be THE most challenging thing that I have ever done (and I've done some crazy challenges).

As I said, I'm an idiot... but I am a determined idiot, so I will complete it, but be sure to have an ambulance waiting for me at the end.

If you would like to donate towards this worthy cause and see me run the distance of the Athenian coastline to Sparta, minus the numerous mountains, just head to

Thanks for reading!

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